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Welcome to the Go All In Podcast & TV show

My name is Robert Brus and I am the creator and founder of the Go All In Movement. This podcast and website you are on started out as a passion project where I was wanting to tell other peoples stories of overcoming the odds and triumphing in the face of adversity.

To do that you probably already know, that you need to be completely committed to your cause, or as we say in modern terms you have to “Go All In.”

Pretty soon after I launched my podcast and started making videos I developed a loyal following of listeners that loved to hear stories of every day people breaking through and levelling up in their lives. People have told me that they have found inspiration and many have told me that their passions have been reignited by hearing just a couple of podcasts.

I think the reason that this show and the movement that has been created around it is so successful is because everyone can relate to committing in life. As a human you know intuitively what it means to “Go All In” you know that means you are committing and if you hear someone else say it, you also know that it means that person saying it is totally committed to their cause.

It is my pleasure and it is actually quite an honour to tell other peoples “Go All In” stories. I’m glad you’re here at the website, take a look around and when you get a minute or two make sure you subscribe to the show on your favourite podcasting app.

356 Views 3 On 1 Rating Rate it

Written by Robert Brus

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