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Hi there, Sue White is my name and I am your local Thrive rep. I know you are going to absolutely love this. Filling in your daily nutrition gaps with Thrive’s 3-step process is quick and easy.

Just take the 2 capsules when you first wake up in the morning, then 20-minutes later enjoy the shake and once your done with that, stick the DFT on your skin where everyone can see it, and ask you how much better you actually feel!

The Thrive 8-week challenge is the very best way to improve your health and well being. If you want more energy, crush your sugar cravings once and for all and sleep like a baby than this challenge is for you.

There are plenty of amazing testimonials on the Thrive Facebook Page so make sure you check those out as well. You can place your order below.

Getting started with your 8-week challenge is easy, just fill in your details and we’ll get it in the post for you right away. Here is exactly what you get:

  • 60 x Capsules which is 2 per day for a month
  • 32 individual daily serves of the lifestyle mix
  • Your lifestyle mix will be 16 chocolate and 16 vanilla
  • 30 DFT stickers are included as your wearable nutrition
  • Shipping is included
  • This is enough for 1-months supply

Everything you need is included and delivery is usually 7 to 10 days to most Australian metropolitan areas.

Once you fill in the details I will contact you directly to make sure you understand how simple the process is, and answer any questions that you might have.

I’ll also share with you my Thrive experience and how its impacted my life, my energy levels, my weight, my sleeping and ultimately my productivity. In fact I have lost 11kgs since I have been Thriving and I’ll share with you exactly how I’ve done it.

You’re going to love Thriving all day and wonder where this has been your whole life because that’s what happened to me.

See you when you’re Thriving xxox…

Sue White – 0412 033 444

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