Meet your next Podcast Guest: Susan White

More than 20-years Experience as Professional Photographer and Successful Business Owner

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Sue will tell you that she’s been taking photos since the days of film and she has seen the transition from film to digital to mirrorless hardware. Over the years the hardware may have changed and the way you acquire customers is different with social media, but one thing has stayed the same and that is her passion for photography and art.

Sue is an accomplished and award winning wedding photographer and runs a boutique agency in Sydney Australia called: White Wedding Photographers. With a focus and specialisation in modern art style images Sue and her team capture these most important of days with all the passion and care that you would expect.

Sue has multiple brands under her umbrella and this is the key to the ongoing growth and success of her business. If you want to talk about what it means to run a passion business, what’s involved and how to acquire clients that Sue is happy to share her strategies and tactics for keeping the doors open and the calendar full of client bookings.

If your podcast is about photography, business, client acquisition or branding then Sue will be an ideal fit for you. Sue is a great at sharing her experiences and loves to give back to the photography community at large.

Take a look at a quick Bio and some of Sue's work:

Sue White is an multi award winning professional photographer from Sydney. She has photographed everything from Prime Ministers to new born babies and everything in between. She brings years of dedication and passion to the craft of photography and knows how to capture images that wow.

As you would probably know, passion alone doesn’t pay the bills and it is an insatiable appetite for learning business and new and innovative client acquisition strategies that has seen her business thrive in a hyper competitive market.

Giving back to the photography community is something that Sue loves to do so if you’re looking for a guest for your podcast that knows how to tell a story and can share some practical and actionable points with your audience then Sue will be perfect for you.

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