Meet your next Podcast Guest: Stephen Somers

Stephen has taught a system that has been used to sell more than $33,434,00 and completed more than 1,343,700 sales

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Stephen Somers is a co-founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes, an education platform that teaches members how to create a 5-7 figure income stream selling products on Amazon.

He and his business partner, Robert Rickey, are both 7-figure Amazon sellers, and serial entrepreneurs who have built Marketplace SuperHeroes, as well as a full Freight Company and Accountancy Service for Amazon sellers.

They have spoken all over the world, helping over 3,800 individuals build real, sustainable, and global businesses on Amazon selling boring, everyday items across multiple markets, not just on the .com site!

Stephen is a highly articulate experienced podcaster and YouTuber and knows exactly how to share a story with impact and purpose. If your podcast is about high growth, global business or entrepreneurship then Stephen will be an ideal fit for you.

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Stephen will teach you how to sell physical products on Amazon at SCALE:

Marketplace SuperHeroes is an online education company who teaches people how to build a global business selling their own products on Amazon from complete scratch. We’ve made the process of selling on Amazon simpler than ever before by creating a freight company (SuperHero Freight) and an online accountancy firm for our sellers as well (SuperHero Office).

The community has over 4,100 committed Heroes inside who are all learning how to create a business that serves them and their families day in, day out selling simple, every day products on Amazon.

The goal with Marketplace SuperHeroes is simple: to give you all the education, services and software that you need to build a phenomenally successful online business selling on Amazon no matter what background you have.

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