Meet your next Podcast Guest: Sandra Bartlett

Sandra is an Expert in Confidence and will teach you Exactly How to Speak up, Step up and Shine

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Sandra is a successful Confidence Coach and Thought Leader, with over 10,000 coaching hours to support her “Cool Confidence” methodology. Sandra supports her clients to speak up, step up and shine in life.

Sandra’s experience provides her the ability to see what others do not and this results in quick, deep transformation for her clients. This sees her clients opening doors they never dreamed of prior to completing the “Cool Confidence” program.

Sandra is an accredited Life Coach, Thought Leader, E-Disc Profiler and Advanced Practitioner in Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP). Sandra is also an author, having published her book “Your Cool Confidence – The 5C’s To Embracing Your Smile”.

If your podcast is about personal development growth or entrepreneurship then Sandra will be an ideal fit for you. Sandra has enjoyed a long and fulfilled career both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur and loves to help people move forward and grow with confidence.

Sandra is an Expert in Helping People Break Through:

Sandra is also highly experienced speaker and engaging story teller which is exactly what you need for your podcast

Sandra supports her clients to speak up, step up and shine in life. You will often hear Sandra sharing her favourite quote : “Your Smile … is … Your Responsibility – Own it, Wear it and Share it.”

Sandy has committed over 24 years of experience in business, strategic direction and management. Her experience has afforded her the insight into what drives individuals & teams. Having studied at one of Australia’s leading coaching institutes, Sandy has gathered the reputation as Macarthur’s leading business and personal life coach.

Her passion lies in self-actualisation and personal fulfilment. Her compassion allows her to identify underlying issues both organisationally and personally. Those identified problem areas are challenged by a clear and focused strategy. This strategy is used to create goals that will stimulate transformation.

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