Meet your next Podcast Guest: Sam Livingston

If you are ready to simplify things in your business to what matters most, then you are ready to grow.

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No nonsense, no fluff and no bullshit – Sam believes in owning all aspects of your work and life. There are no victims and luck won’t save you. Sam’s background in the military, in the fire service and in business have provided a great life for him and his family because it has taught him to do the work needed to be successful.

Sam is a combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and enjoyed a 20-year career as a Reconnaissance Marine. Sam is also a qualified Firefighter and Paramedic and after a 17-year career he obtained the rank of Lieutenant.

Today, Sam is an avid runner, outdoorsman, husband and father of three teenage sons. He runs his coaching practice and maintains a small real estate team at eXp Realty in Medina, Ohio. He frequently travels to coach small groups in business development and strategy.

If your podcast is about growth, personal standards or entrepreneurship then Sam will be an ideal fit for you.

Sam is a highly experienced Realtor. He has been in the business since 2006 and understands exactly what it takes to be successful in Real Estate. Sam leans on his background as a Lieutenant on the Cleveland Fire Department as well as 20 years of service in the military.

Sam served 6 years of active duty as a US Reconnaissance Marine and then 14 years in the US Army as a reservist deploying several times in support of OIF and OEF. His last deployed assignment was as an imbedded Infantry Mentor with the Afghan National Army where he was the Senior Enlisted Advisor and the Non-Commission Officer in Charge of an Operational Mentor Liaison Team.

When Sam works with clients in his coaching business he gets them into the mindset of consistency in all aspects of their business and life by making measurable incremental habit changes.

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