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Sales Skills Quiz
Why are some salespeople more successful than others? Why do some salespeople sell and earn 2x, 5x or even 10x as much as others? The difference is always knowledge and skill! The top salespeople are better at selling than the average salespeople.

Fortunately, all sales skills are learnable. You can learn any skill you need to achieve any sales goal you set for yourself. In fact, you are probably only one skill away from doubling your income! There are 10 key result areas in selling and are described in the questionnaire below. Give yourself a grade of 1-10 for each.

This will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do to increase your sales and your income rapidly. Successful selling is possible only when you become competent in the following areas. How are you doing? How true are these statements for you?

Be totally honest with yourself. As they say in medicine “Accurate diagnosis is half the cure”. In business, Jack Welch would first ask – “What is the reality here?”. Your job is to take an objective look at your sales reality.

Learn how to sell more. Learn to win all the sales you want

One of the biggest obstacles to success is fear. This is especially true of prospecting, of phoning or calling upon strangers.

To increase your sales, you must spend more time with better prospects. Successful prospectors take the time to carefully think through their strategy before swinging into action.

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