Craig Carr: Sales = Freedom

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Craig Carr is a communication expert, an experienced writer, licensed business coach, certified NLP master practitioner, and much more. He’s enjoyed significant business success over the last 30-years and during this period, he has amassed sales in excess of $500 million dollars. Incredible!

Craig has shared the stage with some of the worlds biggest names and has enjoyed training students from all over the world for the last 15-years.

Craig's unique communication style and his ability to help students of his work build instant rapport and overcome any objection is a highly sought after skill and as a result Craig is highly sought after speaker and coach.

I'm a huge fan and I know you are going to love this fun and engaging interview.

Craig's All In Story

Taking the leap from the cushy corporate job where there is a nice salary, a company car a company credit card to ones own business is certainly one of the most daunting things any person can undertake.

Craig embraced the opportunity to build out his own sales agency and enjoyed steady and consistent year on year growth. Business really took off in year 8 to year 10 where the revenue doubled.

YR8 to YR10 We Doubled

Listen in as Craig shares his secret that doubled his business. You can apply this right now!

Sales is Everything

According to Craig these are the top three things in sales:

1. Positioning: How you see yourself and how your customers see you
2. Intent: Sell the result, not the product
3. Attachment: Be in the know what your customer needs

Getting Real World Practice

Practice is everything but what do you do when its hard to get live feedback from a prospect/target? Get a coach!

Focusing on the wrong things will only make you good at the wrong things so take the time to find a coach and hone in on the things that matter.

Anchor Points

Listen in as Craig locks in an opening order for $1.8 million after receiving 5 no's from a hostile prospect.

The winning feeling has served as an anchor point for many years proving to himself that nothing is impossible in sales.

Sales = Freedom

Let's face it. Everything that is not related to sales, and some argue marketing, is an overhead. More sales equals more freedom since it means more revenue!

Developing Resilience

If your new to the world of selling then listen in as Craig shares his sage advice on developing a thick skin and building resilience.

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