Meet your next Podcast Guest: Richard Brus

Obsessed with Everything SEO, Page Speed & Internet Marketing

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Richard has been in the SEO space pretty much since it began and has seen everything that there is to see when it comes to optimisation of a website. Gone are the days of black hat SEO and tricking the Google bots. In 2019 it’s a brave new world of sophistication and compliance and Richard is an expert in understanding what makes a website and web pages to rank.

If you’re looking for a guest that has a deep understanding of SEO and why websites rank where they do then Richard is your man. In fact, the depth of knowledge that Richard possesses lead him to create one of the SEO industries most useful and practical tools – Serpworx.

Richard says: “Performing SEO on a daily basis for scores of clients led me to develop the fascinating and powerful Seo tool known as SerpWorx. I knew there needed to be a faster and more efficient way to check all of the most important SEO metrics of the sites that were ranking on the first page for any given keyword.”

If your podcast is about marketing of any type then Richard will be an ideal fit and will impart practical, usable and easy to understand tips for your audience.

Some more from Richard and a little about Serpworx:

You probably already know that the old antiquated way of doing SEO is now gone forever. In this ever changing game of algorithm verses marketer Richard stands out as an SEO though leader and skilled industry professional that knows exactly how to increase the visibility of a website, a business and a brand.

But it’s not just day-to-day SEO that Richard is an expert in. As an SEO thought leader he always has one ear and one eye on what’s coming down the pipeline and has the ability to see well into the future with an almost uncanny foresight. Richard’s humble about it all and says:

“You just need to give Google what it wants and your site will rank. There is no mystery, no trick and certainly no short cuts.”

Richard will also surprise you with his level of humour and his ability to take what might be seen as rather dry and sometimes boring topics and making them fun, practical and actually enjoyable to discuss.

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