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Remy Blumenfeld coaches leaders to play the game of life with purpose, grace and ease. He specializes in sectors fuelled by innovation and creativity. This includes Arts and Culture, media, television, film, fashion and advertising. His clients include directors of national arts organizations, worldwide ad agencies and a wide range of entrepreneurs.

Starting his career as a TV presenter in the USA, Remy launched his first TV Production company out of his bedroom. He sold it eight years later to the world’s largest production company where it became the producer of Big Brother.

He has served the board of Endemol UK and later the board of ITV Studios where he was director of Formats. There he was responsible for shows from Come Dine With Me to I’m A Celebrity.

Remy has twice been ranked in the top twenty most influential gay people in the UK by the Independent on Sunday.

Remy recently appeared on the Podship Earth podcast:

Remy retrained as a life coach from CTI, the Coaches Training Institute, which is the world’s oldest and coach training body. He now works with business leaders across the creative sectors. Some of the topics Remy covers are:

  • Beyond Fabulous – How To Have A Life That Means Something (To YOU)
  • From Breakdown To Breakthrough – How To Ditch Your Saboteur and Become Unstoppable
  • 1000 Months – Get In Touch With How Short Your Life Is To Start Living Today
  • Why Billionaires Are Not Happy – Remy Produced the hit SKY series Who’d Be A Billionaire
  • Why One Career Is Not Enough – How To Switch Careers

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