Meet your next Podcast Guest: Rachel Hind

Conquering addiction alone can be difficult. Rachel will kickstart your transformation and keep you on track.

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Like many of you reading this Rachel has witnessed firsthand the destructive impact drugs and alcohol can have, on people’s lives and families. Rachel is a Certified Facilitator and Coach at Life Returning which is a Drug & Alcohol Outreach Centre.

She has a foundation of belief that people want a happy, healthy, and anxiety free life where they are in absolute control and can stop or cut down drinking when they choose too. When alcohol is in control people are just not living the best version of themselves and Rachel helps people to take their lives back and be their Best Self.

Rachel helps people to overcome their addiction, change their life-long habits and in the process unlocks their true potential. Rachel says that when we are happy and thriving in our health, our relationships and fulfilling our dreams, and have a life where alcohol and drugs are no longer in control you will find the very best version of yourself.

Rachel knows how to deliver honest, empathetic and empowering podcasts with valuable advice and insights. If your podcast is about sobriety or addiction then Rachel will be an ideal fit for your show.

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Rachel will be your support and help you take back control with proven problem solving techniques.

I will challenge people to become the “Best Version of Themselves” and guarantee you will feel real joy in your life again by taking back control of your destructive habits for good. I deliver honest, empathetic and empowering sessions with a unique program encompassing all my learnings from AA, SMART Recovery, CBT, DBT, Therapists and countless external and online courses.

I am very vocal about beating a problem with drinking myself and showing with the right kind of support people can and do fully recover. I am committed to support you if you are committed to change. I will, with the use of proven behavioural science tools and techniques, change your negative emotions, beliefs, habits and mindset and regain control in your life again.

I am also a strong believer in the practice of self-care specialising in fitness, health, and positive mindset which also forms a large foundation piece of my programs

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