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Running ads across your show is the traditional way of making some cash but let’s face it, unless you have tens of thousands of downloads per episode then you just don’t make much money.

As of today that all changes. I’ll pay you $100 Aussie dollars to interview guests – no catches, no ads and no affiliate BS.

Read on below and watch the video here on this page and when you’re ready just fill in the form and join our ecosystem.

Hi there, Robert Brus is my name and I am the creator and the founder of the Go All In Movement.  Like you I’m a podcaster. I’ve been interviewing guests for a while now and there is nothing more exciting the meeting new people and sharing their stories.

I also know that monetising your podcast can be tough going as there are very limited options out there. Selling advertising per download is a slow way to make money out of your passion so we will help you leave that model behind.

When you book one of our guests, record the show and share the link with us once the show is live we’ll pass you $100 via PayPal. Now that’s the way to monetise your podcast – easy!!

The people that we introduce you to here on this website are world class. They are at the absolute top of their game so if you’re looking to interview influencers and experts in their field then go ahead and fill in the form and we will reach out to you when we have some available. You can also browse our site for guests that may be of interest to you.

This service is totally free for you as a podcaster. We also curate up to 12 x marketing assets for our guests that we will share and you can use in your socials once your show is live. Oh, and we also pay you $100 per guest that you interview. That’s a massive $235 in value for you with $100 in cold hard cash deposited right into your PayPal account.

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Accelerate the Growth of Your Podcast

We’ll book you guests that will increase your reach & help to grow your fan base quickly

→ All of our introductions are of the absolute highest quality

→ You’ll get to leverage their social media to help grow your show

→ There is no cost to you as the Podcaster – this is a free service

→ You get paid $100 AUD via PayPal per guest you book with our service

Better Guests are Key to the Growth of Your Podcast

My Team & I are connected to hundreds of business owners and influencers in every niche that you can possible think of.
We have personal relationships with them all and will get them booked to appear as a guest on your show.

Influencers know that being interviewed on a podcast is by far the fastest and most direct way of reaching new and very highly targeted audiences. For you as a podcaster the key to the growth of your show is to have better and better guests that will help your show to reach their audiences quickly.

Leveraging another business and or brand is the fastest  and most efficient way to grow the fan base of your podcast. And, as you would expect, it is a positive feedback loop. Meaning the more influencers hear about your show the more will want to appear on your show. It’s one of those true win-win situations in life.

Like all podcasts, there is only one reason that your show isn’t bigger than it currently is and that is because no one knows about it. Let’s face it, advertising and marketing is expensive and the results can be mixed. The short cut to all of that spend is to have a guest on that already has a targeted following in your niche.

Inviting guests with strong online presence and strong influence in their niche is what will take your podcast to the next level. So let’s get you started: Just fill in the form on this page and as soon as we have a relevant guest for you we’ll reach out via email and let you know.

Robert Brus on a recent interview with Aussie icon Dick Smith

Common FAQ's About Our Podcast Booking Service

If you’re not sure about something or want to talk to a real person you can call: +61 1800 889 254 during business hours in Sydney

Robert Brus and Australian adventurer Dick Smith

Once you have recorded the episode and sent it live just send an email to Once we are in receipt of the live link and confirm the show is live we will pass you $100 AUD via PayPal within 24-hours. Within 2-3 days of the link being live you will also receive the assets i.e 3 x audiograms and 9 x images to help you market your show.

Nothing, it is a free service that we deliver to podcasters. We know that the growth of your show depends upon better and better guests with large social media followings. We also know it can be difficult to monetise your podcast without a huge fan base so let us help you build that out so the sponsors will come easier.

That is a great and natural question and the answer really depends on what you count as famous. A better way to look at it is to ask: how strong is their influence in their industry/niche? You’ll be surprised that some of the people we introduce you to, you will have never heard of but that have a massive following.

Often our introductions don’t have giant followings but what they do have is raving evangelists for fans. It’s more about the engagement and interaction than it is about the numbers, although numbers do help. So will they be famous? That is a matter of perspective, what we can say is that the guests we introduce you to will be strong influencers in their niche, and yes, some will be famous!

That depends upon your niche. If your show is mainstream then we have a steady line up of people wanting to appear on podcasts. We will reach out to you via email twice a week with the opportunities or you can search for a guest here on this site right now.

If we find a guest that is a fit and you interview them all we ask is that you let us know the time to produce and when the show goes live. Once it is live we will supply you with up to 12 x marketing assets that you can use in your socials to amplify the message and the latest episode. There is no cost to you for these marketing assets.

High Quality Assets - FREE (valued at $135)

When a Guest Books With You This is What You Receive

We’ll produce and share 12 x assets per show
that you can use in your socials

Plus you’ll receive $100 Cash to your PayPal Account

You'll Receive 3 x Audiograms

You'll Receive 3 x Resized Images with 3 x Different Quotes from Your Show

  • We use your image/s
  • Branding from your podcast
  • All images are correctly resized
  • You’ll receive 3 x images
  • Each images has a different quote
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • No Go All In branding

You’ll receive a total of 9 x images & 3 x Audiograms per podcast.