I’ll Get You Booked In For Multiple Podcast Interviews

Appear as a Guest on Multiple Podcasts
My team and I have an End-2-End solution that will get you booked in to appear as a guest on different podcasts in your niche. This is Cost Effective, Efficient & Gets Immediate RESULTS.

You Have an Important
Message to Share

But you’ve probably realised that building a successful business &
brand isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

→ Are you sick of buying Facebook & Google Ads only to get NO RESULT?

→ Are you struggling to make new sales and find new customers?

→ Do you want to build a larger audience but don’t know how?

→ Are you unsure if your message is being received by the right audience?

Podcasting is the Solution & I'll Get You Booked

My Team & I are connected to hundreds of podcasters in every niche that you can possible think of.
We have personal relationships with them all and will get you booked in to appear as a guest on their shows.

Being interviewed on a podcast is by far the fastest and most direct way of reaching new and very highly targeted audiences. If you’re wanting to reach new markets and amplify your message then regular interviews are an efficient way of leveraging someone else’s audience to help grow your business.

Podcasts are more popular than ever and growing daily and the shows that you have never heard of have thousands of downloads per episode making this a very cost effective way of bringing new people into your eco-system. Listeners are loyal to their favourite shows and so long as you have targeted the right audience and your message is on point you can virtually guarantee engagement with your products and services.

The best part about appearing as a guest on someone else’s podcast is that a very large percentage of the listeners will connect with you on social media and visit your website to find out more about what you spoke about on your interview. The visitors and the engagement that you receive from your interview is about as targeted as you could ever want it to be.

What are you waiting for – isn’t it time you amplify your message and reach new customers? My team and I will get you booked in for some interviews so you can start benefiting from the increase in traffic and ultimately new sales immediately.

Podcasting is growing faster than ever before!

There is absolutely no doubt that Podcasting is the premier growth category in the media landscape today

  • On average people listen to 7 x podcasts per week
  • 1 in 4 people listen to podcasts
  • In 2019 there are 20-million more listeners than in 2018
  • In 2019 there are more than 90-million listens per month
  • 76% of listeners average 7-hours of content per week
  • 14% of people listen to more than 11 x podcasts per week

Reach new and targeted audiences – fast!

There has never been an easier or more cost effective way to reach new and targeted audiences than with podcasting. No other form of marketing is more targeted than speaking with a host for an hour about your given topic with an audience that is keenly interested in what you have to say!

Podcasting allows you to take complete control of your marketing. It has been proven time and again that nothing is more effective than sharing your message to an audience that is interested and listening intently.

Common FAQ's About Our Podcast Booking Service

If you’re not sure about something or want to talk to a real person you can call: +61 1800 889 254 during business hours in Sydney

  • You’ll be booked in for your podcast/s
  • Bookings take between 1-3 weeks to secure
  • You’ll receive 3-sets of images with 3 x different quotes
  • You’ll also receive 3 x audiograms
  • We curate 12 x social media assets per episode
  • 1 x podcast booking is $440
  • 2 x podcast bookings is $820
  • 3 x podcast bookings is $970

We take care of everything for you. We will find the shows for you to attend as a guest and once your episode has been produced and is live we will create 12 x individual assets for your social media.

All of the podcasters that we deal with are highly professional. They are use to having guests on their shows and normally you will have some pre-interview preparation to do. Sometimes this is a conversation and other times it requires you to fill in a detailed questionnaire. It just depends upon your host and their methodology.

Podcasts are normally recorded over Zoom or Skype. Again, that all depends upon your host. In the lead up to your interview our team will be in touch with you to supply all of the links and information you will need to attend as a guest. Normally you’ll need your laptop and charger, some headphones, and a quiet and undisturbed place for about an hour.

The very first thing to do and that we suggest is that you turn up to the interview ultra prepared. Whatever you do, don’t try and wing this. You might be an accomplished speaker or presenter but being interviewed is an art form and a skill unto itself. Make sure you have 2-3 key points that you want to cover on the show and make super sure that you are prepared and have practised.

The other thing we suggest is that you have some type of offer for your hosts’ listeners. Perhaps a coupon code, a discount or some type of special offer. There are going to be people listening into the show that resonate with you and your message and they are going to want to know more or buy something form you right away so you need to be prepared for that by having an offer pre-loaded and ready to go.

Post production for your assets is no more than 1-2 days once your podcast has gone live. That said, we cannot control how long it will take for your host to produce the show that you have attended. You can expect a normal turn around time to be around 1-week sometimes a little longer. At the time of booking we will confirm the time from recording to production to live so you will have clarity around the deliverable.

Just Some of the Shows that we are Affiliated With

We are affiliated with hundreds of podcasters from every niche and every industry.

Easy High Quality - Done For You - Assets

When You Book With Us This is What You Receive

We’ll book you in for your podcast/s & produce
12 x assets per show that you can use in your socials

You'll Receive 3 x Audiograms

You'll Receive 3 x Resized Images with 3 x Different Quotes from Your Show

  • We use your image/s
  • Branding from your podcast
  • All images are correctly resized
  • You’ll receive 3 x images
  • Each images has a different quote
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • No Go All In branding

You’ll receive a total of 9 x images & 3 x Audiograms per podcast that you attend.

Getting Started is Easy - You Have 2 x Choices:

You Can Set Up a Profile and Wait for the Offers to Come to You or We Will Actively Get You Booked on Podcasts ASAP

1. Set Up Your Profile:

Set up your profile quickly and our network of podcasters will be notified of the new addition and they’ll be prompted to come to our site and review you as a guest for their show.

If the podcaster sees your profile and wants to book you: they fill in a form, we are notified and then we help you to coordinate the booking. Remember that there is a cost involved. We coordinate this service for you and will need to pay this fee in order to secure the booking prior to attending the show.

You also have right of refusal so you can pick and choose what shows you would like to appear on and in turn you will completely control your marketing.

2. Book In Right Away:

We are connected to hundreds of podcasters and will actively get you booked onto a show. You won’t have to wait for a podcaster to request you as a guest, we will actively get you booked.

All you need to do is decide how many podcasts that you would like to attend and our team will get your shows booked in right away. We will still create your profile and you can still accept offers from other podcasters however with this option the Go All In team will actively connect with podcasters looking for people like you.

If you’re ready to get started and book in for your podcasts just make your selection below:

Let's Get Your Podcast/s Booked In Today

We have hundreds of Podcasters that have requested a guest from your industry to talk about your topic – is it going to be you?



1 x Podcast - $ 440

Book in for 1 x Podcast
Perfectly aligned to your niche
Booked & Recorded within the next month

12 x Podcast Assets Included

2 x Podcasts  - $ 820 

Book in for 2 x Podcasts
Perfectly aligned to your niche
Booked & Recorded within the next month

24 x Podcast Assets Included


3 x Podcasts  - $ 970 

Book in for 3 x Podcasts
Perfectly aligned to your niche
Booked & Recorded within the next month

36 x Podcast Assets Included