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Owen Zupp is a published author, pilot, keynote speaker and blogger.

An experienced commercial airline pilot, his writings have featured in magazines around the world. His first book, ‘Down to Earth’ was published in the United Kingdom in 2007 and now his best-selling title, 'Without Precedent', is setting a new benchmark.

A former paramedic, Owen offers a unique insight into both his writings and his world with a distinctly human element.

As a father of four, a pilot and an author he feels fortunate to have followed the road that he has led to this point in his life - even with the unforeseen twists, turns and sheer drops.


Owen's career as a commercial pilot has included:

  • remote region charter flying
  • flight instruction
  • international ferry flights
  • flight testing and
  • airline operations

Owen is highly experienced pilot, and he possesses over 20,000 hours on a wide range of different aircraft. He holds a master’s Degree in aviation, has authored six books and his writings on the subject of aviation have been widely published.

His work life began as a paramedic before moving into aviation but his career as a pilot was halted abruptly with the collapse of Ansett Australia. This was the catalyst for a new direction which included not only flying but writing, self-publishing and a commitment to “GO ALL IN.” I’m a huge fan of Owen’s work and I know that you’re going to learn a lot from his methodical and strategic approach to life.

Please help me in welcoming Owen Zupp…

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Owen's All In Story

Early on in Owen's career he was forced to choose between a business scholarship and his desire to follow his heart and passion into the world of aviation.

There were many barriers along the way and even more distractions, however Owen was able to overcome these and ultimately succeed at the goal of becoming an airline pilot that he set out to achieve years earlier.

Staying on track

The best strategy to stay on track, he believes, is to have very clear long term and intermediate goals. When you have these, he says, it becomes easier for you to get rid of distractions that come your way. They are also important because both (long term and intermediate) goals keep you on track for your ultimate prize!

Engine Failure

Some Thirty years ago, Owen was flying a single engine aircraft over the Blue mountains west of Sydney. Whilst flying, he noticed there was a problem with the engine and a forced landing was going to be necessary.

Thanks to his training, years of practice and strong nerves, Owen remained in complete control. He handled the landing in a calm professional manner however did recall that after making successful landing he said that he felt as though "his heart was coming out of my chest."

Putting yourself out there

Like anyone else, he was also afraid of putting himself out there as a writer. It took almost 12-months to overcome that fear. Because in the aviation field, "no one can’t be expert in everything," he said.

The thought that his work will also be read by other pilots, really made him uncomfortable and nervous. But in the end, feedback was that his audience are thankful that he actually put himself out there and wrote the book from a pilot’s point of view, which is a rare thing.

Becoming a pilot today

For those people who are considering a career in Aviation, Owen suggests that one must be passionate about it. He goes on to explain that one needs to have three things in order to be successful in your aviation career: passion, attitude, and application.

If you these three important traits then there is no reason you won’t achieve your aviation goals. Owen also cautions that one has to make a lot of sacrifices i.e. monetary, emotional and social to realise the aviation dream. Commitment is the key to success, especially in aviation.

Flying a real FA-18C sim

Owen describes it as an "amazing experience to have the privilege to fly a real FA-18C sim." Coincidentally, the guy who helped him through out the day was an ex-student.

Owen's Books

You can find out more about Owen's books by clicking on the links below:

Owen Zupp's Book Titles

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