Out Perform the Norm with Scott Welle

Avatar Robert Brus | June 29, 2019 39 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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🎧Today on the #goallin podcast our guest is Scott Welle from Out Perform the Norm

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As you will hear Scott knows exactly what it takes to beat your best and reach for the absolute most that the human condition has to offer 💪

In this wide ranging interview Scott shares his #goallin story and talks about what it takes to compete in and complete an ultra marathon. Now in case you don’t know that is 100 miles of running. Talk about commitment going all in and doing whatever it takes - this is epic 😲

Scott is truly a leader when it comes to the subject of high performance and he is an expert in helping others to get the most out of themselves. To quote him, he says that "Out-performers play to win and the norm plays not to lose. Out-performers think differently."

✅ If you’re a first time listener, viewer or visitor to the show and this website then you’re in for a real treat and if your back for more, welcome back - we love repeat offenders here at the go all in podcast!

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Written by Robert Brus