No Quit Living with Christopher J. Wirth

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Today on the show our guest is Christopher Wirth. Chris is also a podcaster and his show is called no quit living.

This is going to be super fun because you are going to get the full spectrum of mindset when it comes to committing to something.

As you would know, when you say you are Going all in that is the point you are declaring to the world that you are bringing your future potential into the now and I love that so much.

That word potential has a future connotation to it and when you decide you are going all in you are bringing that future potential into the now which means you are about to give everything and you are about to give it your best shot. And for me, when I see people doing that, I see them living their true purpose and ultimately making their mark in the world.

As you will hear Chris certainly knows how to make a mark in the world and he helps people to not only break through but gives them the mindset and all of the tools they need to never quite.

You’re going to love this conversation and Chris doesn’t hold anything back, this is one of those shows that is full of value bombs.

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