Meet your next Podcast Guests: Nikki & Richard Taylor

Training and Mentoring People to Discover and Persue their Life’s Passion

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Nikki & Richard Taylor are an energetic, motivated, inspiring, authentic couple in business today working as mentors, career changers and much more. LME – Life Made Easy was created as a place to offer mentoring services to those who may be considering a career change, having started a recruitment business or have kicked off their start up.

Both Nikki and Richard had previously owned 2 national recruitment companies. Now, together, they now offer their vast experience of over 25 years combined experience in Mentoring to assist people looking at career changes and personal growth as well as business mentors.

This is all about you finding your passion, figuring out what to do with your life, exploring your interests, and much more. As mentors Nikki and Richard have the experience that you can learn from to prevent you from making the same mistakes that others make, and in the process, accelerating your journey to the success that you are seeking.

If your podcast is about careers, human resources, start ups or entrepreneurship then Nikki and Richard will be an ideal fit for you.

Both Nikki & Richard are regular guests on podcasts:

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Nikki and Richard are passionate about helping people accelerate their success in Job Search, Career Change or going from Job to a business startup. Whether you’re motivated by money, annoying colleagues, a bad boss or you’re chasing a dream Nikki and Richard will help mentor you to the success you are seeking.

Figuring out who you want to be in the world and then actually sticking to it, can feel like a huge undertaking all on your own. You don’t get extra points in life for going it alone and not asking for help, all you get is more angst, confusion, pressure, and loneliness and that is why mentoring is so important, especially in the periods of transition that we all face in life.

Booking Nikki and Richard is easy, just click on the green button below and fill in the form to this page and we will contact you and coordinate the time and dates for you. We will do all of the leg work and take care of the booking. Remember this is a totally free service and there is no cost to you ever!