Meet your next Podcast Guest: Mike Cassidy

With 25+ years’ in market research, Mike is a specialist in shopping trends, evolving retail and how to sell more in store

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Mike Cassidy has worked at Managing Director level in Africa, UK and now Australia, managing offices of multinational market research agencies. Mike holds an MBA and when you couple that with 25+ years’ experience in market research, he can safely say that he is one of the leading authorities and a specialist in identifying how to grow sales via category growth, channel growth, targeting new segments, new occasions and much more.

Mike has a proven track record across the globe in more than 50 countries working across almost every industry you can think of. His background and experience includs collects insights and data on how people shop in store particularly for food & drink & liquor, but also for household goods, personal care items, cars, services and much more. Mike is proficient in both understanding the data and in telling a story and helping clients to diseminate the meaning and elimining the “so what” from all the numbers and statistics.

Mike loves to create tailored ad-hoc quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method research designed to solve any kind of shopper business problem a retailer may have. Mike is a leading authority on the shopping trends and the current state of retail, so if your podcast is about sales, business or entreprenurship then Mike will be an ideal fit for your show.

Mike Cassidy and his team at Koji are focused on helping clients to understand their shoppers and the ever evolving retail landscape by delivering bespoke consulting and developing new research products using the latest technology.

Understand when customers are purchasing a product; time of day, day of week and loyalty in category over time is critical to the success of any store and Mike and his team draw on over 25+ yearsʼ experience in research, management consulting and project management to deliver outcomes that increase clarity and form critical parts of the decision making process in the retail environment.

Whether its bespoke consulting, ready-to-use data products or shopper insights technologies, Mike and his team at koji are specialists when it comes to actionable shopper insights.

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