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On today’s show our guest is Mike Baker. I’m super excited about this one as Mike is a fellow soldier. He is a 12-year US Army veteran, a drill instructor and an Infantry officer.

Since leaving the military some time ago Mike has enjoyed a successful career working for Investment companies, and for himself.

Mike has raised over $800 million dollars for investment companies across the Mid-west of the United States and is the creator of the Awesome Wholesaler Experience, which is a coaching and consulting company with a focus on the investment and insurance sector.

Mike is a 3-time national Tae Kwon Do champion a loving husband and a father to 4 wonderful children.

I’m excited to have a fellow soldier on and I know that you are going to be truly inspired by his outstanding discipline and total commitment to success.

Mike's Go All In Story

Mike was challenged by a co-worker that he couldn't win a third Tae Kwon Do championship. Never one to shy away from a challenge he trained like a man on a mission. Listen in on how he focused his mind, blocked out distraction and drove as hard as he could towards the goal.

I need to have a goal

Listen in as Mike explains why goals are so important to him and how they have been a big part of his life and ultimately his success.

Taking some time out

Everyone needs a bit of down time now and then. Listen in as Mike shares his thoughts on the ebb and flow of the human psyche. Recreating will help you climb that next mountain!

Infantry skills don't play nicely

Transition from the military to civilian life can be a difficult thing for all military personal. Listen in as Mike explains how he handled it and how the military is still deeply ingrained in his personality today!

Thank you for your service

Living the best life you can is the very best way that you can thank a veteran. Listen in as a couple of ex-soldiers explain the best way to live the best life you can.

Mike's advice to a younger person

Listen in as Mike shares his wisdom. Do things because you want to do them, not because you're looking for a reaction. Listen in as Mike explains his thinking about decisions and commitment.

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