Meet your next Podcast Guest: Michael Dockery

A solution architect at heart who is obsessed with efficiency to reduce the day to day burden on people through crafting better systems

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A solution architect at heart, Michael Dockery is obsessed with efficiency and utilising technology to reduce the day-to-day burden that people face with their internal systems by crafting better systems! Michael’s company Design Industries is one of the worlds leading authorities offering Atlassian configuration sets that deliver rapid and meaningful change to organisations that utalise their services.

Michael, a big picture guy, listens to clients’ needs and advises them on how to make their business profitable and meet their objectives through online software solutions. His favourite words are ‘efficiency’, ‘ROI’ and ‘automation’. He thrives on mechanics and precision engineering – both the F1 type and that of a high performing business.

Michael loves getting start-ups off the ground from idea to success story, to him it’s like building lego: piece by piece to create something great. He is inspired by martial arts masters plus the balance and focus that their philosophies inspire.

Michael is one of Australia’s leading authorities and service providers for Atlassian products and services so if your podcast is about growth, business or efficency then Michael will be an ideal fit for your show.

Take a listen to Michael below:

Michael is a highly articulate communicator that is skilled at explaining complex concepts with impact and meaning

Just some of the clients Michael has worked with:

Michael is proud of his team and states that over the years we’ve perfected our forte: combining technology and software expertise with a holistic, cross-platform strategic business analysis – turned into meticulously planned and executed strategy tailored to clients’ needs.

Software and web systems can be used to create seismic improvements in the operations of any businesses and Michael’s deep understanding of how all of the components work together create hard won experience that deliver integrated software solutions with measurable and tangible results.

Michael and his team have over 18 years’ experience supporting Australian companies with their software and are Atlassian Gold Solution Partners. Most people that have invested in Atlassian software aren’t using it to its full potential and Michale and his team at Design Industries will get it firing on all cylinders boosting your efficiency by at least 200% within 12-months.

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