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On todays show we have 2 very special guests: Lauren Heaydon and Scott Frankland. Lauren and Scott are the owners and founders of

The Mentor You website is designed for teenagers to help them discover their passion and purpose and Its also intended to provide relief and guidance for their parents as well.
Our education system here in Australia is wonderful however it’s flawed in that it doesn’t provide our teens with emotional support for the specific challenges that teenagers face. On top of that, where are all of the mentors?

The whole aim of the Mentor You program is to help a teenager live out their true authentic self. The program is designed to help and guide teenagers, give them some definitive direction and it teaches them mindfulness.

Scott is in the 1% of the criminal population that managed to rehabilitate himself after an 18-month stint in Gaol for drug related offenses and I look forward to brining you his amazing ALL IN story.

Lauren is a highly experience teacher and tutor and together both Lauren and Scott create an amazing team that bridges the gap that the school system fails to cover.
The energy, passion and their incredible cause is the stuff of true inspiration and both have an amazing GO ALL IN story that I can’t wait to share with you. Please help me in welcoming Lauren Heaydon and Scott Frankland.

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