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The International Academy of Wealth was created to present different perspectives and ways of thinking to your wealth education.

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Mark Robinson is a successful investor, author and international speaker on passive income strategies and alternative investments. Mark took his business from a “one man band” to six very successful companies incorporating finance, financial advice, property, corporate super, insurance and accounting.

Mark has authored six books in the Winning the Wealth game series, spoken internationally including USA, Thailand, Hawaii and New Zealand and at one point had over 14 different passive income streams. He is a 26-year veteran of the financial services industry and 13 of those years as a financial advisor.

Mark is not afraid to talk about the sensetive topics in and around finance and loves to go behind the headlines of what the main stream media is trying to distract consumers from.

Mark is an expert in finance and passive income strategies so if your podcast is about finance or investments then Mark will be an ideal fit for your show.

Mark has been featured in main stream media in Australia

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Mark was a recent guest on the Go All In podcast:

For more than 26 years, Mark and his team have been working with business owners, CEO’s & everyday people who have a desire to take control of their financial future in order to truly create (and experience) financial independence.

As an Ex-Financial Planner (who recently handed in his licence – a story for another day), who has a strong background within the financial services industry – PLUS having run & managed several millions of dollars of (business & investments) assets of his own, Mark will tell you one thing and it’s this: The current financial services industry – is a complete SHAM!

Mark and his team have helped hundreds of families jumpstart their financial independence with the International Academy of Wealth. They will teach you how to establish your money rules, how to understand effective due dilligence and increase your financial literacy.

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