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Educated in communism and then in democratic society Mario’s Investigation experience is second to none

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Over the past 30 years Mario has conducted various types of investigation in government sectors, department of defence, department of foreign affairs, corporate and insurance sector in Australia and overseas applying his knowledge, expertise, academic research and training in investigative intelligence and investigative-interviewing techniques.

As a natural leader, public speaker and results driven individual Mario has also found great pleaasure as the author of more than 8 books. He is an architect and designer of solutions in corporate investigations, human intelligence and surveillance techniques in the government and corporate sector.

From 1991-1998 Mario worked for the Croatian Department of Defence and experienced 5-years of combat and 2.5-years in security-intelligence services. Mario has been running his business Insight Intelligence Group since 2009 and has been instrumental in stopping large scale corporate espionage, helping with small business as well as helping individuals that need his services.

Mario is one of the worlds leading authorities on the topic of social engineering, investigations and survalliance. If your podcast is about growth, business or leadership then Mario will be an ideal fit.

Mario was a recent guest on the Go All In show

Mario is articulate, thoughful and delivers his message with impact and fun

On this episode of #winsalesnow and #goallin Rob and Daniel sit down with Mario Bekes and discuss what it takes to build out a profitable and valuable network that yields results for years to come.

Building an effective #businessnetwork is no dark art. It’s about building genuine and caring relationships and taking the time to nurture them. Whether you’re developing an asset for an operation or building a relationship in business, the concepts and theories are identical.

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Corporate and Workplace Investigations: Crime Investigative and Interviewing Techniques, Methodology and Applications

For as long as there have been people, there has been crime. And where there is crime, there must be investigation: to establish facts and provide evidence.

In 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) nd the American Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimated financial losses from white-collar crime in the USA to be between US$300 and$600 billion per year. The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia (IFBA) estimates fraudulent claims to cost insurance companies Au$2.2 billion annually.

Mario began his career with the Department of Defence Republic of Croatia in Military Police/Security Services where he served for 7 years. In 1998 worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs Republic of Croatia in Security Intelligence Services and was on secondment in Republic of Croatia Consulate General in Sydney for a further 5 years before founding Insight Intelligence.

Mario is proficient in 3 languages (English, Croatian and Russian). He has published eight books and is the designer of several software programs including: Intelligent Risk Manager, Intelligent HR Recruiter and Online Task Manager. Mario is also the desiener of a program that is widely used in the corporate the environment as tool for preventing fraud and increasing the success rate of investigations.

Mario is an expert in human intelligence, investigations and social engineering and is considered a world leading authority in these fields.

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Mario is also an Experienced Radio Host

The Business Insights Show with Mario and Wendy is a feature eavery Wednesday evening at 6pm on Sydney’s SWR 99.9FM