Marco Tesi

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Marco Tesi is from a small town in Italy called Pistoia which is about 20-minutes out of Florence. Marco has been an Exercise Physiologist for more than 10-years however he has only been living here in Australia for about 3 years.

Language barriers and a determination to succeed in the face of what feels like huge obstacles can be testing for the best of us. Listen in as Marco show's us all how its done and how he took it all in his stride, albeit with a lot of hard work!

Marco's story is one of modern day immigration from Europe to Australia, learning the language and doing what ever it takes to succeed in a new land.

When he arrived here in Australia he couldn't speak English so there was that huge barrier but after some perseverance and a dogged determination to succeed he finally found his feet.

Now that he has settled into his new life down under he has created his first online product called "Respiro Breath and Movement Retraining." Grab a copy here:

Marco's modern day story of immigrating to Australia is one of determination and he embodies everything it means to #goallin

You can reach Marco on the details below:

Grab a copy of his course here:

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Written by Robert Brus