Meet your next Podcast Guest: Lynda Tregoweth

With qualifications in coaching, leadership and management Lynda works with leaders to improve culture and customer experience.

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Lynda Tregoweth works with leaders, business owners and passionate individuals who want to take charge of their goals. Her background is in senior leadership roles in the media, in marketing as well as across the telco and finance industries here in Australia, NZ and the UK. The move into coaching was a clear choice for Lynda after working in organisations that were constantly restructuring.

While Lynda has enjoyed working with big corporates like the RBS, Telstra, NAB, Bupa and the government, working with passionate, creative people is what really lights her fire. Lynda now works with clients all over the world and is recognised for her leadership training as well as her pragmatic approach to business and life.

Lynda says that authentic leadership in all facets of our lives creates an ecosystem of attraction whereby we work and play with people who are in alignment with us. In business it is this point of difference that leaders can use to make a world of difference for their customers and people.

Lynda’s specialities include leadership and business coaching, leadership development, change management, entrepreneurship, culture, career coaching and personal development. If your podcast is about any of these things then Lynda  will be an ideal fit for your show.

My qualitfications are in HR, Coaching, Learning and Development., Leadership and Development. I have worked in large complex organisations to small start ups in HR type roles (recruitment, learning and development, change management), IT and Marketing (product manager, progam and project manager).

I’m really good a putting together jigsaw puzzles, and can sort out people related issues where others find it a bit challenging and am always learning. In fact I’ve just started learning French!

I have worked in Australia, NZ and the UK with organisations changing how they operate. This experience has been across both fast-growing companies as well as with organisations that are in a rapid cost saving mode. Both environments of operating had and have a significant impact on culture and customers. In breaking through these challenges the common theme was how leaders trust themselves and each other, how they communicate under pressure and how their authenticity and inconsistency was a key or a blocker to lead their teams effectively.

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