Meet your next Podcast Guest: Luke Vandepeer

Luke will teach you the simple lessons from the past that will accelerate your health beyond what you ever thought or dreamed possible

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Luke Vanderpeer is a health consultant & keynote speaker on health. Society today has a health problem; chronic disease is at epidemic proportions and we are still looking to science to fix many issues that it hasn’t been able to fix in more than 30 years.

Luke has stopped looking to science for the answer and has taken some lessons from history and is now leading a health movement. Fifteen years ago, Luke started his journey in health as a personal trainer, it wasn’t until he discovered the teachings of some ancient cultures that he truly started to understand health.

Luke has firsthand experience in the principles he teaches, such as intermittent fasting and breathing like a baby, as they have profoundly improved his health and his life. Over the last 3 years Luke has implemented these changes while working in a corporate environment which has allowed him to simplify these teachings so anyone can implement them. He is now on a mission to help those who are ready to be truly healthy.

Luke is an expert in wholistic health and  so if your podcast is about health and fitness, personal growth, or nutrition then Luke will be an ideal fit for your show.

An introduction to the health from history concept

You’ll be inspired by Luke’s 15-year journey of discovery on how to unlock the health your body wants to give you

Some more about Luke:

Luke takes a completely personalised approach to his clients individual needs. His methodology is based on what your body is trying to tell you through your eyes. The modalities of Iridology and Sclerology are used to determine what it is that your body is dealing with and from there Luke will put together individual recommendations to point you in the right direction of health.

It is not secret that society today is the sickest its ever been. Luke says that he has found by looking at history to see how things used to be done we can actually improve our health. Is it possible that the human body that has evolved over thousands of years actually knows what it needs to be healthy? Let’s take a fresh approach to looking at health through history.

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