Lea Vesic – Women in Aviation

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On today's show our guest is Lea Vesic.

Lea's GO ALL IN story

Just 4 out of the 23 students in her commercial pilots course were women. Like everyone Lea had to work hard to earn her qualifications as a commercial pilot and being in the gender minority made it slightly more challenging. It was during this training that Lea discovered her passion for equality and wanted to help give women in Aviation a fairer go. Listen in as she shares her GO ALL IN story.

When did you find your voice?

Someone has to represent our interests, whether it's in politics, on a board of directors or in the workplace. Lea realised that she had a passion for advocacy for women in aviation that matched her drive to become a pilot and this helped her to find her voice and speak on behalf of all women in the aviation work place.

How aviation training translates

When you train as a pilot you learn leadership skills. You learn to make decisions and to trust your judgement. Situational awareness coupled with the ability to reevaluate a situation will set you up for success in all aspects of your life, not just as an aviator.

Lea's personal mission statement

"Do it afraid" These are inspiring words that will help you to act in spite of fear, trepidation and or anticipation. Listen in as Lea explains her philosophy for winning at life.

Women in Aviation

Listen in as Lea explains why there aren't more women in Aviation, why they face issues in the workplace and what we can all do about it to even up the scales as they should be.

Daily habits for success

Lea's daily habits for success. Bring it back to basics and just get moving and drinking lots of water.

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