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Love What You Do and Become the Best Version of Yourself with Kirsty Ferguson

If you want to know the secret to landing that dream job or moving up in your career then you’ll want to listen in closely. And if you’re a business owner or employer and you are looking for that dream hire then you are sure to pick up some fantastic tips throughout this episode.

Kirsty business is called Pinstripe Solutions and she works in the toughest most competitive industry of all – recruitment. And if that isn’t hard enough already, her speciality is in the ultra-competitive aviation industry.

I think the only job and industry that might be harder is wrestling with crocodiles with Steve Irwin.

That aside, Kirsty has enjoyed exponential growth in her business over the last few years however it wasn’t always blue skies for her as you will soon find out.

Launching a business during personal crisis after personal crisis probably wasn’t the best idea in high sight however Kristy is a tough operator and living by the mantra of helping others to be all they can be has ensured her clients success and ultimately the success of her business.

Kirsty has been interviewed across a wide range of media outlets both domestically and internationally and she is a writer for Australian Aviation. Kirsty is also about to launch her first book called The Albino Chameleon – Building the story of you.

No matter what stage of your career or business that you are in I am certain you will enjoy some amazing value coming up in this interview.

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Written by Robert Brus


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