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Khaysan grew up watching her parents build a successful business from the ground up. As the business went through various stages of profitability, she saw what passion, persistence, hard work and sacrifice could achieve.

With an unquenchable desire for knowledge, Khaysan studied two different degrees before starting her own nutrition business at the age of 24. She tackled the ups and downs of that business and ran it successfully throughout her late 20’s.

Co-founded with Dj, Khaysan now oversees the running of #ProjectAthlete Programs and Hosts the #ProjectAthlete Success Series which is a Interview Series where she interviews Professional Athletes to talk all things health, fitness, mindset and everything in between the ups and down.

Khaysan is a successful entrepreneur whose purpose in life is to help people fulfil their potential. She seeks to provide them with the knowledge, strategies, tools and confidence to live their lives as the best version of themselves.

If your podcast is about business, nutrition or health then Khaysan will be an ideal fit for you. Khaysan loves to share her story and enjoys giving back especially in the podcasting format.

Below are some recent interviews with Khaysan:

Khaysan is a expert in health and nutrition and when you couple that with her unique approach to sharing the stories and methodologies of professional athletes, you’ll quickly realise that she has created a business like no other.

Even if you only have a passing interest in fitness and health, I ask: Who wouldn’t want to know and learn the hacks that professional athletes use that allow them to maintain their competitive edge against their competition?

Khaysan believes that personal development is the cornerstone of of sustained health. Khaysan overlays the mindset of how professional athletes think about their health and training with all of her clients. It accelerates their results and it’s no wonder that she helps them to break through their barriers.

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