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A corporate escapee, Kathleen Ann is known as the “Money & Marketing Champion” for heart-centred women entrepreneurs (and enlightened men!). She is the Founder of ‘Power Up Your Marketing’ and holds multiple Money and Marketing Coach certifications.

Kathleen works with service based women business owners to help them create and grow financially successful businesses based around their passion and unique brilliance.

Her marketing expertise and insight have helped women around the world to stand out and position themselves as the expert in their field.

Kathleen also helps her clients to move away from charging by the hour and instead package and price their services so they can charge what they’re worth and get it.

Kathleen was a recent guest on the Go All In Podcast

If you’ve been in business for any length of time you would have heard marketing professionals talk about refining your niche so you can better understand exactly who it is that you are selling your products and services to.

Kathleen has refined this very marketing skill into an art form. Her exact target market is female business owners over the age of 40 that are looking to turn their services into products so they can escape the rat race of every day business and finally get paid what they are worth.

Kathleen has been on several podcasts and live radio before so she is an experienced guest that knows exactly what to do. Kathleen will also have a fantastic offer for your audience that she will bring along on the day for you.

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