Meet your next Podcast Guest: James Polidoras

A self-professed gadget-geek who will spin your digital ideas and transform them into high performing digital compilations.

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James has more than 15-years experience in the digital advertising industry and after seeing both the client side and the agency side he decided started the Compilator. James’s firm is a full service paid marketing agency completely staffed by industry leaders which allows clients to achieve greater results through collaboration with industry experts who have lived in the Google world.

James’s experience working at Google has given him a deep understanding of how paid ads work across the full spectrum of online opportunities from eCommerce to YouTube and everything in between. He proudly states that he is not one of those machos that takes selfies in the gym, nor is he one of those wall street banker type marketers but instead will sit all day at his desk, eat lunch in front of his screen and only take a break when it hurts from sitting working on accounts for to long.

In the ever shifting world of paid advertising James is at the cold face and understands exactly what needs to be done to achieve online success.

James is considered one of Australia’s leading authorities on the topic of paid advertising so if your podcast is about marketing, business or advertising then James will be an ideal fit for your show.

James was a guest on the Business Brain Food Podcast

Listenin as James delivers his message with Clarity and Impact ensuring Maximum Value

James always says “There is no strategy without gaining a deep and intuitive understanding of the actual users or targets of a product or service.” It sounds obvious, but it is a forgotten truth. You must first understand a client’s business objectives, target audience and only then can you create engaging strategies. Again, it is blindly obvious but it is something that is overlooked by the majority of agencies.

James has a deep focus on getting the fundamentals correct from all aspects of a campaign. This includes everything from knowing the business and client goals right through to setting up and deploying the attribution funnnels in analytics. Once the fundamentals are in place and the “why” is know you’ll have a solid foundation with which to project digital marketing domination.

James has specialised in consulting services and paid media (Google Ads, Social Media & Programmatic Media) to improve his customers experience. He’ll translate the love you have for your business to your audience by putting your ideas into action with flawless execution.

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