Meet your next Podcast Guest: Jacqui Jubb

Prosecutor & Business Lawyer Now Turned Copywriter & Launch Strategist

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Former prosecutor and business lawyer turned copywriter and launch strategist, Jacqui Jubb helps business owners, coaches, consultants and creatives make money with words and launch their signature online course into the world so they can move past the 1:1 service model and create the impact and freedom they crave.

A cheerleader for the late bloomers, the multi-passionates and the career switchers, Jacqui works with female entrepreneurs to help them reinvent themselves, find their magic, master their messaging and craft the kind of captivating copy that has their prospects hanging on every damn word.

Jacqui says to make money and magic with your words you need to: “Write with power, persuasion and personality. Be irresistible. Be iconic. Be incomparable. “

If your podcast is about marketing, business or start ups of any type then Jacqui will be an ideal fit and will impart practical, usable and easy to understand tips for your audience.

Jacqui was a recent guest on the Go All In Podcast:

If you have a podcast about business, marketing or start ups then Jacqui Jubb will be an ideal guest. As you would know there are dozens of platforms and places that you can advertise and market your business. There are hundreds of strategies and or tactics that you can use to try and cut through the noise but now, more than ever, copy matters.

The temptation is to focus on the silos or the platforms where you can get your message out but in reality it doesn’t matter where you place your message, what matters is that you are communicating it effectively. If you are working across multiple platforms or retargeting your customers then it is critical that your message is congruent, easily understood and familiar to the person who is seeing it.

In advertising and marketing there is only really one way to ensure that your message is easily understood and remains congruent across all of the silos and platforms that you are communicating it, and that of course, is with copy and Jacqui is the master of creating impactful, memorable and clear messages that are easily remembered and understood.

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