Living your Go All In Every Single Day

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🎙🎧 Episode 82 of the #goallin podcast is here. Today on the show our guest is Hugh Barter from Hugh Barter Racing 🏎🏎

🙃 Now this is going to be a little different. Most of us have lived a go all in story or a moment at some point in our lives and normally it’s these stories that we hear on this show however sometimes we come across a guest that is living their go all in story right now.

Today you’re about to meet Hugh who is living his go all in story right now. What I love about his story is that he has brought all of the potential that he has into the now. He decided that he wanted to commit to something and, as you’ll hear, because of his commitment absolutely everything he does is moving him towards that goal.

Now that his goal has been set and every single action he takes moves him one step closer to that goal. So what is his goal?

🏆 Well Hugh wants to be a Formula one driver and a world champion which is about as high as you could aim in motor sport.

I think what you’ll love about this story is that Hugh is just 13 years old. He’s an experienced go kart competitor with a couple of wins under his belt and as you hear him talk about his sport you’ll hear just how infectious his enthusiasm and passion for racing is.

The thing that I love about the Go All In mindset is that it just doesn’t matter how old you are. If you want to achieve something great in life you need to go all in, commit and do whatever it takes to succeed 😍😍

Hugh inspired me in this interview, he reminded me to follow your heart, follow your dreams and most of all he reminded me that life is happening to you right now. Don’t dwell on your last loss look forward, work hard and go all in.


👉 Connect with Hugh on the details below:


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Written by Robert Brus

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