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I am passionate about helping Men release their Past Limiting Beliefs, Influences and Emotions so they can lift the weight of the World from their Mind and Step into the Man they want to be Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.

After 20 years trying to “Have it All” in life,  I found myself feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and thinking their was something was wrong with me. I hit rock bottom abusing Alcohol to numb the pain – Then everything changed.

Greg is an expert in helping men to break through the unconscious programming of their past to create wellness, well being and ultimate happiness. Just a few minutes with Greg will teach you to:

  • Create a new sense of calm, making it easier to manage the noise, pressures and demands
  • Ultimately Greg will help you to live a life of significance, meaning and purpose

Greg recently appeared on the Go All In podcast:

Men’s mental health is a hot topic of discussion across all forms of media, but it seems that everyone is talking about it except men!

Greg will help your male listeners to understand that putting your hand up and asking for help is ok, in fact he encourages men to do that early and often.

If you’re looking for a guest for your podcast that is passionate, articulate and highly experienced in helping men to break through and live a life or purpose and fulfilment then Greg Gillies comes highly recommended as your next podcast guest.

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