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Now More than Ever Consumers want to Know Who is Behind the Business and Exactly What they Stand for…

Unrivalled Exposure for You & Your Business

The Internet Video Revolution has only just begun and the only question left to ask is: Are you going to just be a Viewer or are you going to be a Broadcaster?

Consumers are spoilt for choice and they want to know who is behind the businesses they are dealing with. It has never been easier to humanise your business, your content and to share your message with the world.

Come out from behind the business and join me on the GO ALL IN TV SHOW.  We’ll help you to deliver your message and tell your story in a way that will get you more clicks than ever. We’ll take you from idea to interview in just a few hours.

Tell Your Story Without Selling Anything

Consumers are smart – they know if you’re selling. We make sure to tell and sell without it looking like a pitch fest.

Everyone has a GO ALL IN STORY from some aspect of their life. We’ll help you tell it with impact and so it has serious entertainment value.

You’ll work directly with me and we will get your story locked down so tight that thinking of what to say will be effortless and easy for you!

People watching your interview will know if you are selling to them. Consumers intuitively know if it is a hidden pitch fest.

Before we get you started we will craft the questions to bring out the maximum entertainment value, humour and fun. I’ll teach you to think like a critic and help you to understand why the format of most interviews suck and how we can resolve it.

A good attitude is the foundation of success in any venture of life and appearing on an interview is no different. Unless you have the right mindset when you start out your interview will suck and will attract all of the trolls and haters.

Prior to our show we’ll spend some time together rehearsing the questions and helping you to craft the best answer to questions so you can correctly convey your message with maximum impact.

Now, more than any time in history people want to know who they are dealing with in business. Communicating your message via video is the new norm and delivering it in a professional succinct manner is the absolute expectation.

Businesses that embraced eCommerce and Social Media early are the ones that benefited the most, and likewise, businesses that leverage video to share their message, the development horizon and upcoming products and services are amongst the most successful brands in the world.

  • The full length video
  • 2 x shortened versions of the video
  • 3 x audiograms
  • 3 x resized images for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • You’ll receive 3-sets of images with 3 x different quotes
  • A total of 15 x individual assets

Appearing on Go All In TV for a 15-30 minute slot is TOTALLY FREE. We create the content, give you the assets and share it amongst our socials. We cover the cost of production and curation of the assets that we supply to you.

“What’s the catch?” I hear you ask – well that is a good question and the answer is NONE, there are NO CATCHES. We need to produce content for our channels and this is a fast way for us to tell engaging stories and add value to our audience by sharing your story. It’s a true win-win for everyone!

Depending on the nature of the interview we can conduct it either at your location, in our studio’s or on site elsewhere. Before we make that decision the first thing to do is to lock in the exact nature and type of interview we will be doing.

Once we have established what we will do, the next step is to book it in. While we are waiting for our recording date we will work face to face, over zoom (video conferencing software) and over the phone to rehearse and ensure that your message is crafted correctly and so that it can be delivered with maximum impact without selling.

There is normally a week or so of lead time from booking to interview and, as mentioned previously, we need to work together prior to the show. This is normally  about 30-mins depending on your level of skill and how often you have been interviewed before.

Your actual interview will go from 15-30 minutes. We want to keep this short and plan it to make sure that we don’t lose our audience. The key here is intrigue and anticipation which keeps the audience engaged throughout. We will work together to establish the best length for you.

Depending on the nature of the interview and the desired outcome, your post production is 1-2 days. Sometimes it is the same day however sometimes we need to give ourselves additional time to aggregate third party assets for your show and that can take time.

Once we have finalised and delivered your content it’s time to send it forth into the world to bring you some clicks back to your website. Most people wanting to appear on the show have a predefined outcome they are seeking and already know how to use the content, which is great!

If you know you should be on video but are not sure what to do with it all, then we can help as well. We are a team of expert digital marketers and will assist you to maximise the videos that we create for you. We provide consultation services as well as delivery. If you prefer to learn yourself, let us know and we will give you detailed instruction on how to make the most of your video investment.

Delivering your message with video is by far the most effective way to communicate to your audience. Many people and businesses have more than one Go All In story to tell, and that’s fantastic.

If you are working across multiple channels or projects then we will work with you on a monthly basis to deliver the updates and the content that you need for your socials to deliver the maximum impact for your marketing budget.

Humanise Your Story and Attract More Customers

The Internet allows affords more choice than ever for consumers. The ability to compare instantly via our phones is like any other time in history. Video is by far the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitor. You can tell a story, humanise the brand and share features and benefits in a way that cannot be ascertained in images and text. In other words, you need to be on video to remain relevant in this world of endless choice.

You Don't have to do this alone...

Crafting an effective message that resonates with an audience without selling anything is an art form that normal business owners and individuals are just not geared up for in their business, nor do they have the technical or creative ability to be effective.

That’s no real surprise because most businesses and individuals that appear on Go All In TV are not in the media and marketing space.

It’s our job to make you look good and we are experts at it. In fact our preparation and planning in anticipation of the interview will make it a seamless delivery ensuring that you achieve maximum impact and deliver your message in a way that attracts more business, more clicks and ultimately more revenue.

You don’t need to do this on your own, we are here to help and we’ll guide you onto the online success that you are seeking.

Book In & Join Robert Brus on Go All In TV

We’re excited to have you on the show and tell your “Go All In” story. Remember there is absolutely no cost to appear on the show. It’s our way of creating content for our audience and the by-product is that we get to share fantastic stories like yours! Now let’s get you booked in below, be sure to fill in all the questions once you select a date and time that suit:

You'll Need 60-90 Minutes on the Day

Join me, Robert Brus, on your very own interview on Go All In TV. Come out from behind the business and tell your “Go All In” story of heartache, success and ultimate triumph.

I’ll help you to tell your story with the most impact possible ensuring that your message of doing whatever it takes to succeed comes across in the most articulate and eloquent way possible.

Using intrigue and anticipation we will take the viewer on a journey, usually all the way down, and then bring them back to the happy ending and wanting to know more about you and your business.

Telling your “Go All In” story is a way to show people exactly what you stand for and why you do what you do. It’s a true opportunity to deliver your message with passion and vigour that customers would otherwise not be privileged to see.

This is what some of my Guests say about my Interviewing Style:

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Go All In instantly appealed to me as that is what I ask my clients to do every day. After listening to many of Rob's podcasts I was enthralled by the level of talent and inspiring thinking that he had engaged with. I was also super excited to record a interview with Rob myself and tell my story of overcoming personal loss, divorce and infertility to "Go All In" and build an international coaching brand. My clients loved it, I cannot tell you how many of my pilots and executive clients loved hearing my story for a change, I received loads of emails and comments. Anyone seeking to add value to their profile by letting listeners in to their story, this is the platform for you. Rob engages you effortlessly, it's a real conversation and thats what everyone wants, to see the real you, not just the professional side or brand side of a business. I am hoping to have the privilege of being invited on to his podcast again... to keep company with this level of talent is humbling.

Kirsty Ferguson

Kirsty Ferguson

Pinstripe Recruitment

When Rob asked my business partner and I to do a Go All In Podcast we jumped at the chance. I had no idea what we were about to do but Rob guided us every step of the way. During the podcast Rob made both of us feel comfortable and relaxed. He heard our story and how our business was established. After the podcast Rob created a landing page that marketed our podcast and business. The landing page was professional and helped us to market our business whilst also getting our Go All In story across. It was a great feeling getting our story out there. I’d highly recommend any business owner with an amazing story and message to do a podcast with Rob.

Lauren Heaydon

Lauren Heaydon

Mentor You

Robert’s on a mission to grow his “Go All” In movement and I had the pleasure of being a guest on his podcast recently. A very fun and insightful experience - Robert has a very engaging, fun and dynamic interviewing style guaranteed to bring the best out of you and help you tell your story to the world! If you’re lucky enough to be invited on his show, don’t pass on the opportunity!

Alex Congdon

Alex Congdon

Expat Business Hero

Your Business Needs to be on Video TODAY

Make No Mistake, We are on the Cusp of a Video Revolution – Are You Going to be Part of It? Soon more than 3/4 of Internet traffic will be video and its no surprise with more than 8-billion video views per day on Facebook alone.