Garret Norris – The Health Business Builder

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Today on the show our guest is Garret Norris from the Healthy business builders group.

Now, if you’ve been around business for any length of time you might have heard the saying that everything in life is sales.

Whether you’re wanting a client to make a purchase or you want your partner to let you go out with your mates on a Friday night, almost every interaction that we have as humans, when we are trying to get what we want, is related to sales in some way shape or form.

As you’ll her on the show today Garret is an expert in sales. He’s had a lifetime of experience selling in his own businesses, working for others and training all types of companies from publicly listed blue chip companies to SMEs

In my opinion, If there is one skill that every person should master in life it’s sales.

The tagline for Garret’s company the Healthy business builders is “Hope is not a Strategy” and as you listen in to this show I’m sure you’ll agree that there is absolutely no truer statement than that in business.

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Written by Robert Brus