Flip the Script with Oren Klaff

Avatar Robert Brus | October 9, 2019 77 Views 0 Likes 5 On 1 Rating

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🎥🔥📣 Oren Klaff is a 2 time author and in his latest book Flip the Script is not only engaging but it is highly educational and super fun to read.

😕 The way people buy things has changed radically over the past 7-8 years and that means the way we sell to consumers has also changed.

In his latest book Flip the Script 📒, Oren takes us with him to many of his presentations and deals and in the process he shares his intuitive and actionable steps that you can implement into your sales process to improve your results, go all in and ultimately to win more business.

 From a personal perspective Oren has been hugely influential to me. His first book Pitch Anything was and is instrumental to the success of my business and brand.

His writing style is refreshing, insightful and incredibly useful and I can directly attribute many many sales to the techniques and strategies that I have learnt from Pitch Anything.

As you’ll hear Flip the Script Oren takes us to the next level in understanding how people now buy and how we should be selling to them.

This is by far my favourite interview of 2019 and I know you’re going to love it as well.

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Written by Robert Brus