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I make health ridiculously simple and have spent years learning so you don’t have to!

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Dr. E is a physician by training and an educator by choice. His training background includes an MD degree. And degrees in Age Management and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. E, known as ‘The Stem Cell Guy’ has been a Faculty Member for the MMI’s Stem Cell Fellowship. And he is one of very few doctors who can currently claim to have a decade of experience in the stem cell field!

Dr E previously led a world-class medical tourism facility in Cancun. Where he served as Chief Medical Officer until late 2018. And inspired his team to develop stem cell treatments for previously untreatable conditions. Conditions such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, COPD, and Multiple Sclerosis, and many others.

Dr. E is also a former Faculty Member at Universidad Anáhuac’s School of Medicine in Cancun. And for the Metabolic Medical Institute’s Stem Cell Fellowship. As well as a frequent lecturer at professional meetings. Like the A4M, and the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).

Dr Ernesto is a highly experienced speaker and can tailor his message to doctors, patients, or stem cell advocates. If your podcast is about health, fitness, nutrition or the future of medicine then Dr E will be an ideal fit for you.

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If you are serious about taking your health and wellbeing to the next level Dr E. will help get you there

Throughout my professional career, I’ve learned that people like you want to lead healthier, longer lives but don’t know where to start. So you go to google and you search for weight loss and are immediately bombarded with all sorts of conflicting and, –in many cases– controversial information. Then you search for exercise routines and… same results!!

But wait, you think! All I need are a few healthy recipes so I’ll just search for that. And two hours later, you find yourself reading the hundredth recipe or watching the twentieth video while still questioning whether you should use butter or margarine…? Whole eggs or egg whites…? Carbs or no carbs…? Dairy or plant milks…? Pheeeew! Talk about wanting to pull your hair out!

I know. I’ve heard it before. As the saying goes… If I had a dollar… Which is why I started this project: To be your guide in this journey towards better health for you and your family. I want you to stop guessing and start enjoying life!

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