Meet your next Podcast Guest: Dominic Lambrinos

Founder & CEO of Chifley Securities – one of the Largest Non-Bank Commercial Property lenders in Australia.

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Dominic began his career in Chartered Accounting and was a Partner at the age of 26 in 1988. He has worked extensively overseas including Far East Russia (Siberia), Mainland China, Malaysia, New Guinea, Korea and more recently Vietnam and the Middle East.

Following Dominic’s departure from accounting, he became involved in the finance and ownership of hotels and later opened a finance broking business known as EasyBiz Finance, which grew to over $1b in loan transactions.

In more recent times Dominic founded and assisted with the development of Chifley Securities to become one of the largest Non-Bank Commercial Property lenders in Australia. Dominic has been involved in arranging commercial finance for more than 33-years.

If your podcast is about business, finance, commercial property or start ups of any type then Dominic will be an ideal fit for you. He is a great story teller and loves to share his knowledge and understanding of how money works.

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Dominic has been featured in the Business Review Weekly, The Australian Financial Review, The Sunday Telegraph, The Kochie Business Builders Show, Adviser Magazine and many more finance and industry related publications.

Understanding how a given market works and being able to spot and plug a gap is what entrepreneurs do. In fact this is the very essence and spirit of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Dominic’s expertise in finance and his background in business has allowed him to capitalise on the gaps that he spotted in the market for massive gain.

If you’re looking for an expert in commercial property and finance for your podcast then Dominic will be ideal. He loves to share his knowledge of banking, property finance and living life to the fullest.

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