Congratulations on Your Purchase

Podcasting has literally changed my life. I never used to think that my message was worth sharing but then I discovered that telling other peoples stories was a very empowering thing to do and all of a sudden it took off. I started to receive fan mail, imagine that! Little old me getting fan mail. Still to this day I haven’t received any hate mail, which is a nice balance to have.

I’m super excited because the same thing is about to happen for you. You’re going to appear on these shows we book you in for and all of a sudden your friends and family will start to notice, and in that moment when they do they will start sharing you with their network and suddenly your reaching new people with your message. And all of this will happen to you after just one single podcast!

Quick tip if you have never been a guest before if I may. Make sure you practice your message. Ensure that you have 2-3 key points and topics to discuss and whatever you do, don’t try and just rock up and wing it. Give this the respect it deserves and I promise you it will pay dividends for years to come.

Now in order for my team and I to get you promoted through our network of hundreds of podcasters we need you to fill out the form on this page. It won’t take you long and it is an important part of what we use to get you booked. Make sure you take the time to add in all of your links and answer the questions in detail. We can’t get started until we have received this form so take a couple of minutes now to get it done and once we have it we’ll get to work booking in your show.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to a long lasting relationship where you come back multiple times to appear on multiple shows. It’s our goal to make this as smooth as possible so if we miss something or there is a hiccup then be sure to let us know so we can correct it for next time.

Best of luck with your interview/s and if you every want to ask a question, offer some feed back or discuss all things podcasting then feel free to give me a call or drop me an email some time.

Speak soon,

Robert Brus
M +61 415 493 898
Sydney AU UTC +10