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On todays show our guest is Alan Burton. Alan is a fellow podcaster and professional singer. Alan’s show is called The Truth Health Freedom Podcast and has a laser sharp focus on these three very important topics.

Alan’s skills as a performer and broadcaster are a unique mix that allow him to conduct interviews and tell stories with all passion and heart that a performer can muster.

But don’t be fooled by his happy, outgoing and carefree attitude and demeanor. It wasn’t always this way for him.

For many years Alan battled with chronic illness and paralysing anxiety until he slowly over came it with diet, nutrition and an absolute focus on the discipline it took to maintain this.

Alan’s road to recovery has been long one and his dedication to “GO ALL IN” strengthens each day with an unwavering commitment to never go back to where he was.

To someone like myself who has never had any health problems Alan’s journey is truly inspirational and it is my pleasure to be able to bring his story and his message to you, the listener.

Alan's GO ALL IN story

Alan shares his incredible story of chronic illness, how it affected every aspect of his life and ultimately how he found his own treatment and recovered his health to live a normal life. If you're unwell or suffering from any type of chronic illness I know Alan's story will give you some hope and inspiration.

Diet was the key

Listen in as Alan explains how he used diet to recover from his chronic illness.

Just keep moving forward

Once you find something that works, stick with it. Don get distracted by the new discoveries or the latest studies. Just stick with what is working and have the discipline to maintain the regime.

Alan's daily life hacks

Staying sharp and focused and maintaining the discipline to not deviate from the daily routine has been critical in Alan's recovery. Listen in as he explains the routine that sets him up for success each day.

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