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Our company mission is to: “Improve Mental Health and Prevent Disease through Nutrition Meditation and Active Lifestyles”.

I came from a life that was in a rapid downward spiral, bad health, poor lifestyle, partying with drugs and alcohol and grinding through my own mental battles which that lifestyle put me in.

I managed to come out on the other side and I made a commitment to my health and my business and create the cleanest supplements available on the market and share my story of growth and transition to all that can relate to my story.


You can’t have a positive mindset, without being fed the right foods. You can have goals, targets, and dreams, but if you’re body and mind isn’t being nourished correctly then any attempt at any dream or target will be futile. On todays show our guest is Adam Phillips. Adam is the founder and owner of Life Grip supplements.

His mission is to – Improve Mental Health and Prevent Disease, through Nutrition, Meditation & Active Lifestyles

Adam is an expert in adaptive nutrition and his story is one of determination and gold old entrepreneurial grind, but ultimately, it’s a journey of discovery. Adam is a close personal friend of mine and is a mate who certainly knows how to “GO ALL IN." I’m excited he is here and I know that you are going to learn something from his wonderful story.

Welcome to the show

Adams All In Story

The biggest “All-In” for Adam was when he finally decided to get rid of his fear of heights (acrophobia). And to overcome it, he decided to take an online 10 jumps course.

Like any one else, he had to face the “resistance” that came in his way when he was about to involve himself in this uphill task. But once he was all in, he found that it wasn’t that bad as he used to think.

The great thing about fear

Adam believes that overcoming fear boosts one’s self confidence, improves worth and that omnipresence of fear teaches a lot during the process.

For him, fear is the gap between where you are and where you want to be. So it’s really curicial one should be courageous enough to defeat fear and jump overcome it to get what you want.

Dealing with failure

Adam shares an interesting strategy regarding how to deal with failure. What he does is to take failures in moments. Whenever he feels down, he just accepts the fact that whatever he’s feeling is a temporary thing.

He notices his emotions, identifies them and then he let them go. He also suggests the same to other people who are going through this phase. Just don’t get disheartened by small failures, and just wait for these negative emotions disappear - nothing lasts forever!

What would you say to a younger person?

For a younger person his message is that they should consider their actions vs their dreams. One must be able to see that whatever he or she is doing will take him or her to the destination they want to go.

It’s very important to figure out what you want to be and what it is for which you are passionate about! Once you know it, then you can easily adjust your decisions accordingly. In short, learning to live by your true core values is the key.

Overcoming the number 1 fear

Nowadays Adam’s trying to overcome his fear of public speaking. For him, it’s even bigger fear than jumping out of a plane!

He understands that it’s a common thing that people (at large) are afraid of speaking before a huge audience, but he had one more problem that really affected his confidence, a speech impediment. This amplified his fears however now that Adam is on the other side of it all, he realised that the speech impediment was not a problem, rather it was just a small hurdle.

Staying sharp and focused

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Written by Robert Brus

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